(owned by Village Voice Media, LLC); β€œan accelerant of underage prostitution.” – Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn


Adam Padilla
Alan Culmo
Alexandra Byrne
Allen Culmo
Alyssa Martin
Amanda Thatcher
Andrea Sennet
Andrew Padilla
Andy Goldstein
Angel Lampi
Bailey Dhane
Baly Hung
Ben Bright
Billie Miles
Brooks Holliday
Carl Ferrer
Cathleen Wingfield
Chastity Brown
Christina Mapp
Cody Gautier
Dan Hyer
Daniel Gibson
Danny Daniels
David Roberts
Don Moon
Donovan Stewart
Elisa Pham
Gadi Elkon
Hayley Spainhour
Ian Leal
James Conner
James Hammer
Jana Scifers
Jason Statom
Jeff Lyons
Jess Adams
Jessica Shelton
Joe Kaiping
Josh Fontenot
Joye Vaught
Justin Dew
Kelli Roat
Kolter Whelan
Laura Chambers
Lawrence Hearn
Levi Yockey
Lily Dixon
Lindsey Morris
Lou Kummerer
Lupita Macias
Maria Rhoad
Martina Gutierrez
Matt Amyx
Matthew Watson
Micah Killough
Michael Enriquez
Michael Sanchez
Mike Beletz
Nick Vann (Hassellhoff?)
Pam D’Azzo
Roger Williams
Rosie Klassen
Ryan Vaznis
Samuel Fifer
Sara Colombo
Sarah Ware
Sean Meyer
Shauna Meredith
Stephanie Byrne
Steve Suskin
Tamara Nickel
Tara Kibbey
Taylor Shelton
Thomas Pearl
Tianfu Li
Tony Gautier
Vi Phung
Zeke Finlay




February 24, 2012,, Portland, Oregon
Website accused of allowing pimps to sell kids into prostitution

January 10 2012 WJBK, Dearborn, Michigan
Woman Finds Herself in Bogus Escort Ad on

January 10 2012 ABC 6, Columbus, Ohio
38 People Arrested in Prostitution Sting

December 1, 2011 FOX, Spokane
State lawmaker drafts bill aimed at escort service websites

October 26, 2011 ABC15, Phoenix
Village Voice Media accused of promoting child sex trafficking

October 21, 2011 ABC15, Phoenix
2 accused in Arizona child prostitution case involving 15-year-old girl

October 20, 2011 WHAS11, LOUISVILLE, Ky.
Man charged with impersonating an officer after alleged escort attack

Sept. 9, 2011 ABC News
Phoenix Goddess Temple Raided as Alleged Brothel

September 6, 2011 WHAS11, LOUISVILLE, Ky.
Man charged with assaulting escort says he was the victim

August 31, 2011 Q13 FOX, Seattle, WA
Attorneys General across the country target

August 26, 2011, GRAMERCY, Louisiana
Sheriff: Bridge jumping suspect could be involved in several violent crimes

August 24, 2011 ABC 7, Chicago
Undercover op leads to human trafficking charges

August 22, 2011 KING 5 News, Seattle, WA
Tacoma, Shoreline, Bellingham join fight against

August 18, 2011 KING 5 News, Seattle, WA
Judge throws out teen’s sex trafficking lawsuit against

August 18, 2011 WGME 13, Portland, ME
Police arrest 11 in prostitution sting

August 18, 2011 WMTW, PORTLAND, Maine
Prostitution Sting Nets Several Arrests

August 15, 2011 WNYT, Albany, NY
Albany man accused of forcing a woman into prostitution

August 15, 2011 Q13 FOX, Seattle, WA
Mom of teen sold into sex trade says is to blame

August 9, 2011 KIRO 7, Seattle, WA
Mother: Advertised Adult Services Of Underage Daughter

August 8, 2011 97.3 KIRO FM
Web exec says Mayor McGinn doesn’t understand internet

August 8, 2011, Madison, WI
Hidden Labor, Sex Trade Alive In Wisconsin

July 27, 2011 Q13 FOX, Seattle, WA
UW & state lawmaker join Mayor McGinn in fight against child sex trafficking

July 15, 2011 Seattle Mayor
Underage Sex Trafficking

July 14, 2011 KOBTV4, Albuquerque
Man accused of forcing 17-year-old into prostitution

July 14, 2011, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Tip leads to human trafficking arrest – Police say 17-year-old was pimped out

July 1, 2011 KING 5 News, Seattle, WA
Ashton Kutcher stands with Seattle Mayor McGinn

July 1, 2011 Seattle Mayor
Underage Sex Trafficking

October 13, 2010 NBC Action News, Kansas City
2 charged in sex sting

August 23, 2010 Lakeland Ledger
Village Voice Media accused of promoting child sex trafficking

September 9, 2009 KOBTV4, Albuquerque
APD monitoring classifieds site for prostitution

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